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Blue Colourpoint Girl
Blue Colourpoint Girl sold

blue mitted girl
Blue Mitted Girl reserved
blue mitted girl
Blue Mitted Girl sold

seal colourpoint boy
Seal Colourpoint Boy sold

seal mitted boy
Seal Mitted Boy sold

you cant resist me

You cannot resist me but I am Sold


Sleapy Head reserved

bluecolourpoint girl

Blue Colourpoint girl 2 reserved
beautiful brian 3year old RagDoll Male same parents

Blue colourpoint girl2

Blue Mitted Girl reserved

what a hard day being pretty
ragdoll boy

you can tickle me
dogs are ok


ragdoll kittens



The kittens above are 8 weeks and ten weeks old as of 6/04/2011

Our vet can innoculate them at 9 weeks unless your own vet reccommends a new full course
They are still being fed by their mums so have some of the mother's immunity they are well grown and very healthy

Litter trained eating solids of all types of food and not fussy They have all been bathed, groomed and Frontlined

Only 1 likes the hairdryer!

Used to children,dogs and short sighted husbands...and vacume cleaners.

There will be another litter from Dolly Ding Ding soon as Bluebella and Pussycat Doll will be having a rest.

Our cats are fed mostly on products from

Royal Canin and do extremely well on them
Especially the Indoor cat food which neutralises some of the pongs!

New Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Wet Cat Food

As breeders we follow the general Code of Ethics


Owners should think carefully and take advice before getting a kitten and choose a breed suited to their lifestyle. They should only keep as many cats as they can care for adequately.


Cats and kittens must be provided with warm and comfortable housing,with plenty of opportunity for exercise and play. The cat should be kept indoors at night for their own safety. Drinking water must be available at all times and cats must be fed regularly and adequately. Breeders will supply written details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing cats in a new home.


All cats need some grooming to keep the cat in good condition and to check for parasites, e.g. fleas. Longhair cats need daily grooming to prevent the formation of knots and matted areas of fur which cause them considerable discomfort.


Veterinary attention must be sought whenever a cat is showing signs of illness.


Cats that are bought as pets, not for breeding, should be neutered or spayed at an age recommend by your veterinary surgeon. We do not sell breeding cats.

Breeders must not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise cats nor mislead any person regarding the health or quality of the cats and must draw attention of purchase to the implications of the Non-Active register when selling pet kittens.


Owners should consider carefully the best means of identifying their cats in case it should become lost. This can be done by means of a microchip which can be painlessly inserted under the cat’s skin by your veterinary surgeon and then registering the number of your cat with PetLog registration scheme run by Kennel Club/RSPCA . The alternative is for the cat to wear some form of identification on a collar. However, there are dangers for cats wearing collars, as they may become hooked up and caught by them or more likely the collar will break or come off the cat’s head, therefore preventing easy identification.



It is recommended that no kitten should be permitted to go to a new home before 13 weeks of age. Our vet will give the first of the course of inoculations and a full vetenary examination. You are responsible for the continuation of the vacine course. Your own vet may wish to start the full course again due to the different makes of vaccine used. There will usually be three courses at intervals advised by your vet The breeder will ensure that the kittens are house trained, and in good general health.


Ragdolls are large cats, especially males and neutered males and females will be considerably larger than other cats. Make sure your vet understands this and does not class your cat as overweight. Ragdolls are active but are better as indoor cats. They are non-agressive which makes them very good with children and other animals but rather vulnerable in the street! Supervised access to the garden in good weather is ideal but do not let them wander out alone. Many Ragdolls are so beautiful and friendly that passers by may pick them up and travel a way with them or even take them home. Make sure your cat is identichipped early!

Once neutered the cat will rarely stray or stay far away from you. They are incredibly loyal animals.