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Ready from February 28th 2012

1 male blue colourpoint

2 male seal mitted
1 femal blue bi-colour

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Readanora Brian blue point new kittens
Blue mittedragdoll seal kitten my kitty

Readanora Ragdoll Cats and Kittens


Bred specially for loving temperaments as house pets.

All the wonderful characteristics of the typical laid back Ragdoll, loving, loyal, funny, and beautiful.


Brought up in the family home they are well mannered and used to children and dogs, tolerating both with admirable manners.

The two Musketeers

Our kittens are pets, some are so gorgeous owners want to show them and they are all from over 5 generations of registered ragdoll parents. Papers and records are available. Kittens have been vet checked and vaccinated.


Our kittens are family pets. We aim for character and health and suitable family pets, not the demanding
and ever refining points for the judges bench.

Whilst our kittens are pure bred from great champion lines it is only occasionally that one with super points and confirmation suitable for the show bench arrives and they have been spoken for from many months ago. There is a waiting list.

If you want a breeding queen or stud then go to a prize winning show breeder...a good queen or sire will cost around several hundred pounds and the registration etc that you will need for a stud to accept your queen will also be expensive. We do not show our cats, however some owners have shown cats that we have bred in the past with great success. Showing is another world, we produce beautiful loving pets.

Our breeding cats are free from Hypertrophic Cardiomiopathy (our breed goes back many generations) We have never used Main Coon crosses to increase size or fur length and our family of beautiful healthy ragdolls can be seen living in the home conditions of adored family pets.

We are based in OXFORDSHIRE and can deliver within 30 miles of Oxford after kittens have been viewed should a double journey prove difficult for you.

and also to LONDON at the cost of fuel only

We love to see new owners in their own environment as well as welcoming them to visit all of our lovely family pets.






This Month's News


litter born

16th December 2011

To Readanora BlueBella
Blue mitted

1 female


Sire Readanora Teddypuss Rex
Blue Colourpoint

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